Our Story

Teasers of our secret sauce below ...



i9media is a web, I.T., and marketing agency based in San Diego, California with deep roots in the action sports and lifestyle industries. Our specialty is to combine strategy with execution to deliver clearly measured results, spanning from the areas of web and content to media and beyond. We help leading global and local clients to solve problems, find efficiencies, and drive savings and sales. For nearly a decade, our results have earned us a client retention rate that far exceeds industry standards and our customer centric approach permeates every level of our work. Infusing experience and passion into the brands we serve while delivering objective results is what we do best.




Our very founding started in action sports. Back in 2007, our founder, Andre Niemeyer, was conducting post-graduate research at the California Institute of Information Technology at UC, San Diego, when he decided to draw from his experience as a competitive surfer to launch a media company.


Niemeyer also spent nearly a decade in academia, where he was the editor of an academic journal and had plenty of research experience, including even a Ph.D. program. That has made the agency distinctively equipped to handle the complex problems of digital media and its need for storytelling.


i9media organically emerged from Niemeyer's work in media, which spans from websites, online and cable TV, and more. Sponsors and audiences of his platforms began asking for help in web, I.T., and marketing, leading to the founding of the agency and years of work across various industries.




Strategist & ANALYST

Over 10 years of experience on the merge of web, I.T., and marketing, helping craft the approach, avoid pitfalls, and put in place efficient, measurable results. 

marketing director

Our staff has worked as marketing directors of leading action sports companies, overseeing and managing all facets of budgets and operation.



Developers with ample expertise in various programming languages and platforms, building front and backend, including system integrations and more.



Writers trained and graduated in journalism, with countless articles published, and highly versed in storytelling in the digital age and across multiple platforms.


Media planners & buyers

Advertising experts for digital media buys, leveraging behavioral targeting, A/B tests, and attribution models, tracking return on ad spend (ROAS) across channels.

And more ...

Creatives, ecommerce managers, lead-generation campaigns, custom app developers and more are some of the many experiences under the i9media belt.




WEB, I.T., and Marketing are now deeply interconnected and it's time you merge those efforts to optimize your operation. Web touches on the core of consumer experiences, often times setting the tone of a buyer's relation with your brand. I.T. is fundamentally related to your ability to control inventory, provide a secure browsing experience, process payments and fulfillments and much more. Marketing has its own challenges of empowering the consumer journey via advertising, social media, newsletters, and beyond. These three areas can only reach maturity once operating in unison and fully supporting one another with features and workflow. It's time to move forward and integrate your solutions by tapping into i9media's years of experience merging these three areas.




preliminary assessment

Our first step, most definitely before we start any work, is to run a preliminary assessment on the brand and its head-to-head competitors. Based on various publicly available sources, our team builds a comprehensive picture of your digital footprint and how it compares to those you're up against. The report stacks up website visits and features, social media, search engine marketing, and more. These tend to be reliable indicators of market performance and serve is essential benchmarks to devise strategies and to determine resources needed.


routine reporting

Often times execution leads a team to blindly tackle tasks after tasks without taking the time to generate reports along the way. And the opposite can also be true, where too much time is spent on reporting over execution. That's why it's key to put in place a sensible protocol that trains the staff into routine reporting, making it second-nature and not obstructive. That consistent flow of insights helps further calibrate the operation, empowering the C-suite to make data-drive decisions to better utilize funds and bandwidth.



Experience helps to be that much more efficient right out of the gates. But the preliminary assessment and routine reporting offer indispensable leverage to adjust operation and increase efficiency even further over time. Tracking return on advertising spend across media buys can boost results more than 12x on the dollar. Monitoring organic visits to a website can inform the I.T. team on how to prevent a 50% loss in website traffic during a new website launch. Reporting on the "viewthrough conversions" from the newsletter can give you a financial value on your email database and help the content marketers calibrate frequency to optimize revenue.




The consumer journey is the organizing principle of everything we do at i9media. We call that consumer journey "I.A.C.R.A," to capture the five distinct phases of a consumer's relation with your brand. Whether I.A.C.R.A is your guiding star, that's how the consumer is interacting with your brand, so it behooves you to take it quite seriously. 



That moment when a consumer first encounters your brand setting the tone and initial experience.


Subsequent interactions which should be designed to turn brand awareness into preference.


The consumer buys into the brand, making him/her prime for repeat purchases and referrals.


Via a quality product, excellent customer service, and consistent branding, repeat buys follow.


Customer satisfaction has reached high notes and your client is now your most powerful advocate.


Create an I.A.C.R.A Map and organize initiatives to better support the consumer journey


Unlike the very early days of digital media, today we have a very good grasp on how different initiatives behave. And some behave far better than others supporting certain phases of the consumer journey. Organize them around that consumer journey based on their strengths and indicate which ones are in place and which ones still need to be activated. Creating that map gives you a powerful tool to coordinate your countless efforts and serves as a clear roadmap forward to better support the consumer journey's relation to your brand.