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flow snowboards

case study

 Snowboarding search trend since 2004 via Google Trends.

Snowboarding search trend since 2004 via Google Trends.

Trending Downward

The snowboarding industry has been on a downward trend for the last 10 years, and with that, most brands have followed suit. Flow had 7 years of decreased website traffic, a growing bounce rate, and e-com sales were in a serious decline even with major internal marketing support.

the change

i9media was brought into the brand and we were able to reverse the downward trend for the brand and grow site visits, increase time on the sight, reduce the bounce rate, grow the database, increase consumer engagement, as well as many other firsts for the brand. In return Flow hit all-time e-com sales with our proven system. Flow was noted to have the second largest e-com business in the snowboarding industry per SIA (SnowSports Industry America) data, so these are not small numbers we speak of here. 


the effect

With i9media's work, Flow Snowboards was able to hit all-time e-com sales records and help drive the business at both the e-com level as well as the brick and mortar level. You know the old saying, "A raising tide lifts all boats" well this was the case and point with this client. With an 8% growth in e-com sales within the first 8 months to a whopping 24% growth in e-com sales the second year, i9media is proud to have had the time with this client.

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